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BrookeAB’s Setup and Streaming Gear

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BrookeAB is one of the co-owners of 100 Thieves and a Twitch streamer known for her Pokemon and Fortnite streams. She grew to fame when she started collaborating with Corrina Kopf.

BrookeAB’s PC Setup and Gear

Here is a list of BrookeAB’s PC setup and Gear:

Logitech-g-pro-wireless mouse

BrookeAB’s Mouse – Logitech G Pro Wireless Ghost


  • Rechargeable 48H Battery
  • 200-25,600 dpi
  • HERO 25K Sensor

BrookeAB uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless Ghost as her gaming mouse. It has been designed to be incredibly lightweight and durable. While wireless, it has pro-grade performance that outperforms other mice in wireless latency and connectivity. It also comes with a charging cord that you can use while using the mouse, meaning that if you forget to charge it one night, you can still play the next day. Some of its features include:

  • Lightsync Technology – provides RGB lighting for a customized look
  • Removable side buttons – allows you to set up for either right or left-handed use
  • Durable mechanical buttons – designed for at least 50 million clicks, actuation force has also been refined
razer blackwidow elite

BrookeAB’s Keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Elite


  • Fully Programmable Macros
  • Durable Construction

BrookeAB uses the Razer BlackWidow Elite mechanical keyboard. The green switches not only provide a clicky sound that will let you know the stroke has been hit, but it also gives the best gaming accuracy. The customizable Razer chroma tech will sync with other Razer products as well as gear from over 30 of their partners. The keyboard also comes with a detachable arm rest that allows you to stay ergonomically comfortable throughout the day.

steelseries-arctis-pro headset

BrookeAB’s Headset – SteelSeries Arctis Pro


  • Studio clarity
  • Silicone side grips
  • X v2.0 surround sound

BrookeAB uses the SteelSeries Arctis Pro microphone. It features a luxurious steel and aluminum alloy construction, next-generation surround sound, and a USB chat mix dial which lets you adjust the chat audio and game audio separately. The clear cast microphone offers voice clarity and noise cancellation. The wireless version has a long charge and a decent mic that won’t let you down.

Audio-Technica-AT2020 mic

BrookeAB’s Mic – Audio-Technica AT2020


  • Studio Condenser
  • Low-Mass Diaphragm
  • Sound Source Isolation

BrookeAB uses the Audio-Technica AT2020 as her mic. It is an XLR mic, meaning you will need a mixing board for your stream. This makes it a little out-of-range for most beginners, but as you advance in your broadcasting career, the upgrade will give you several more options and a bit better quality. It is a high-reviewed microphone that is perfect for both podcasts and streams where voice quality is a little more important. 


BrookeAB’s CPU – Intel Core i9-9900K


  • 5 GHz CPU Speed
  • LGA 1151 Socket
  • 8 Processors

BrookeAB uses the Intel Core i9-9900K desktop processor. It has 8 cores and 16 threads. It is compatible with motherboards based on the Intel 300 series chipsets. It was built with STIM (Solder Thermal Interface Material) to help overclockers push them further than in the past, keeping the system cool along the way.


BrookeAB’s RAM – Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 32 GB RAM


  • Custom performance PCB
  • Carefully screened ICs
  • Customized lighting profiles

BrookeAB uses Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB DDR4 for her RAM. The RAM incorporates Next Generation Software and pushes its bandwidth to the max for tight response times. You need to make sure that this RAM is compatible with your other system components. Some bonus features include:

  • CORSAIR iCUE synchronized lighting across all compatible Corsair products so that everything lights up exactly the same
  • Compatibility with both Intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards
  • Easy to install with no extra wires or cords

BrookeAB’s Motherboard – MSI MEG Z390


  • 16. 8 million colors
  • 29 effects

BrookeAB uses the MSI MEG Z390 as his motherboard. This motherboard was specifically designed for gamers who like to take their hobby to the next level. It supports many of the 8th and 9th generation of Intel Core processors for the LGA 1151 socket. Its Triple Turbo M.2 technology helps prevent thermal throttling, keeping everything relatively cool and secure.

asus rog strix geforce rtx 2080ti

BrookeAB’s GPU – ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti


  • 1.4 USB
  • Type-C
  • 1665 MHz Boost

BrookeAB uses the ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080 Ti for her graphics card. This card will support up to 4 monitors with DisplayPort 1. It consistently delivers the high visuals you need to see everything that is happening within a game in real-time. The graphics card also works overtime to ensure that everything remains cool even when overclocking.

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