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Best VRChat World Creators

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VRChat is known for allowing you to interact with different people in virtual worlds. One of the best things about the game is that it is very customizable. Users can upload their own unique VRChat avatars and build private worlds where they can hang out with a close group of friends. 

Whether you want to create a public world to attract new people from around the globe or create a private sanctuary where you can visit with your friends on their own VRChat Avatars, this post will cover where you can commission a world or get the assets you need to create your own. 

Where to Get a VRChat World

If you don’t want to create the world or the assets from scratch, you can hire someone or get kits to build out your world. Here are two places you can find the things you need to get going:


Fiverr is an online marketplace of designers, coders, musicians, and virtually any other service that can be offered online. There are artists who are very familiar with VRChat and willing to create avatars or worlds for a fee. Creators come in a range of prices and experience, so you are likely to find someone whose work you enjoy that also fits in your budget. 

fiverr vrchat worlds

If you want quality VRChat worlds that you can enjoy with other VRChat users (or just go there for a quiet place to think), hiring someone who knows how to set it up with creative aspects is the way to do it. You can find designers who are willing to create the place in your imagination. 

Browse the portfolios of VRChat world designers and make sure to read past reviews. You can also write to an artist before you hire them to see if your project is something they are willing to do.

Apart from Fiverr, you can find the best VRChat World creators on Reddit too.

Unity VRChat Picks

If you want to learn to build avatar worlds yourself but don’t want to deal with all of the assets, you can find kits and picks on the Unity Store. You can use these within the program to create and build out a place to share with your friends. 

You can find kits and assets for many things that can be combined to make a fun place to hang out with close friends, get to know new people, or hang out and grow your Twitch following. You can always add extra elements in the future to enrich the world as well.


You can crowdsource for VRChat World creators on Reddit. Reddit is a diverse platform where users can share text, images, videos, and more. Reddit functions through communities, where each community generally focuses on a topic.

Look for a VRChat Community and browse through its content. You can specifically search for VRChat Avatar World creators or post an ad looking for one. You will likely find a freelancer on the platform.

Creating a VR Chat World

There are several tutorials online that will help you learn what you need to know to create the perfect VRChat world, each being based on VRChat’s world-building tutorial. In this section, we will cover theories on how you should plan your first world to create one of the best VRChat Worlds today.

  1. 1. Plan Your VRChat World

    Even before you start work on the actual world itself, it is a good idea to know what you want within the world. Write a list or create rough sketches of what you want inside the world and where things should be placed. 

    Pre-planning in any project is essential for creating something that you love and appreciate. A list will help you to add the elements you want without having to worry about forgetting something important. 

  2. 2. Purpose

    Create a theme for your world. While there are many places you can hang out with your friends, try to create something that is fun and interactive, such as a maze or a place where you can interact with many different elements to change the overall feel of the world. 

    Having mini-games within the main game can increase the entertainment factor for your friends as you hang out and chat. Incorporate elements of things you enjoy in life into your game to allow you to experience it in the digital world as well. 

  3. 3. Interesting Objects

    Not only should the items and values in your world be visually appealing, but you should also include objects that you can interact with. Have them placed in different areas of your world so that you and your friends can use them when visiting each section. 

    Try to keep your items to the theme of the world to keep things more realistic. Use things that are just as aesthetically pleasing as the decor around you. Your goal should be to have people feel as natural as possible when hanging out in your world.

    Apart from things, you can also include background music that can keep your world not only entertaining but also engaging.

  4. 4. Welcoming Spawn Points

    When designing your new world, make sure not to neglect your spawn points. A spawn point is where users with their favorite avatars appear in your world when they initially enter it.

    Make sure that people know the instant they arrive that they are in for a fun and unique experience. Include any rules or directions you wish right off the bat so that people know what you expect from them.

  5. 5. Testing

    Before you completely launch your VRC world, it’s ideal to run it and see if your worlds work properly. You can test-build it yourself, or ask your friends and other VRChat users to try it out too. This is the best time to check the items and locations in your VRC World. You should also test if the full body tracking works well when in the World. This makes your world a great place for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best World in VRChat?

It may be challenging to plan and brainstorm for your VRChat world. Luckily, you can pull inspiration from the following: Big Al’s Avatar Corridors, 12 Sky Camp, Midnight Rooftop, Maple’s Kuso House, The Black Cat, Japan Shrine, The Great Pug, ORGANISM, and more. Many of the best VRChar worlds imitate real-life places, which adds to its appeal.

How Many VRC Worlds Are There?

As of writing, there are over 25,000 VRChat Worlds in existence. And of course, this grows each day as people create new ones for different purposes.


Creating a VRChat world can be fun as you can build out any place you wish. Try to create something new and unique to your friend group so that you can spend several fun-filled hours playing within the realm. 

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