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Best Video Capture Software

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As a gamer and video producer, I understand the need for great screen recordings. You may want to film your gameplay so that you or a gaming coach can review them or make tutorials or compilations for YouTube. Regardless, you want a recorder that can keep up with recording high-quality content.

Whether you are looking for free video capture software or at a point in your career where you want to make an investment, several programs will allow you to capture video at high video quality. You can also often find free video tutorials online that will teach you how to record video straight from your computer screen.

In this post, we will cover 15 different programs that are perfect for capturing your content:

Top 15 Video Capture Software

  1. Camstasia

    Camstasia logo

    Camstasia is a current crowd favorite. It might just be the best screen recording software at the moment. Many content creators are using this video capture software for all the right reasons.

    To start, Camstasia is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can record your entire screen, use editing tools, use different presets and templates, and even add some annotations.

    The great thing about Camstasia is its abundant and readily available video software tutorials. This makes it easy for beginners to learn and navigate the software as soon as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Record your screen, then add after effects today!

  2. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

    image 1

    OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is one of the original and best streaming software available. It is also free and has video capture capabilities. Many gamers have been using this program, which is relatively low in CPU at its core, to record their gameplay for personal review or to create YouTube videos.

    You can also add several plugins to the program to give yourself extra features to work with that will allow you to add value to your future video content. While OBS isn’t as user-friendly as Streamlabs, many tutorials and forums online will help you navigate how to use the software.

    Many people who upload videos to YouTube or find themselves streaming videos use OBS due to its versatility. Many great OBS plugins can up the game, many of which are also free, making OBS the best screen recording app.

  3. Movavi Screen Recorder

    movavi logo

    Movavi Screen Recorder is another video capture program for Windows and Mac users. It’s ideal for content creators who want to capture FullHD and 4K screen recordings. Movavi also gives you the option to choose which area of the screen you want to capture. Here are a few other things you can do with Movavi on a Windows PC:

    • Record webcam output
    • Record system audio only
    • Record screencasts
    • Draw or make illustrations on video (perfect for making a tutorial video)
    • Schedule recording
    • Show keystrokes and mouse movement on-screen recording.
  4. Screen-O-Matic

    Screen o matic logo

    Screen-O-Matic is quite popular among different types of people. It’s a screen recording tool that’s great for streamers and those who use it for school and work purposes. You can record your screen, webcam, or audio (or all) with this software.

    This video capture software offers features such as adding background music, trimming recordings, editing webcam backgrounds, adding captions, and zooming during recordings. Screen-O-Matic also has free drawing tools as well.

  5. Loom

    loom logo

    Loom is an HD video capture software that’s available for both PC and mobile users. What’s great about Loom is its ability to readily share your video recordings with others. A link for your video file is automatically generated for you to do so.

    Furthermore, Loom makes it easy for beginners to edit their clips either on a browser or with the Loom app. With this tool, you’ll produce high-quality recordings on PC and mobile devices. With its many features and ease of use, Loom is arguably the best free screen recorder today.

  6. Debut Video Capture

    Debut Logo

    The Debut Video Capture is a popular and powerful video-capturing software. It offers basic services such as screen and webcam recording. However, it offers a ton of other features which are listed below:

    • Add caption and timestamps
    • Add logos or watermarks
    • Edit color and video effects
    • Mouse highlighting and keystrokes visibility during the recording
    • Microphone recording
    • Replace background of video recordings
    • Adjust video resolution, size, and frame rate
    • Upload directly to different social platforms
    • Record time lapse videos

    You also have plenty of video editing tools and output formats when saving your screen recordings.

  7. Snagit

    Snagit logo

    Snagit prides itself as an all-in-one video capture tool. It’s packed with a variety of features and is fairly simple to use as well. It’s ideal software for recording videos and is great for beginners.

    Apart from being a screen capture software, Snagit can also capture audio and webcam recordings. You can also create GIFs and trip your clips from within the software. Snagit is also capable of taking screenshots and grabbing text from screen captures.

  8. CloudApp

    Cloudapp logo

    The CloudApp is a simple and user-friendly screen recording tool that’s great for beginners but is also powerful for professional use. Like other video capture software, CloudApp allows you to record your screen, create GIFs, record webcam output, and upload & share your recordings.

    Pros will surely take advantage of the customizable call-to-action button. Apart from that, CloudApp offers other customization options that help you integrate your brand into your video outputs. Add logos and customize URLs according to your preferences.

    CloudApp is a versatile and secure video capture software you and your team can use to produce content for your channel.

  9. EaseUS RecExperts

    EaseUS logo

    The EaseUS RecExperts screen recorder is ideal software for streaming purposes. With this software, you can capture 2D or 3D gameplay with ease. What’s more, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

    You can choose between the free and pro version of this video capture software. If you choose the free EaseUS RecExperts, you get unlimited recording time, 1-minute playing time for each recording, and on-video annotating.

    For the pro version, you can schedule, auto split, auto stop, and trim recordings. You can also extract audio from your videos with ease. Plus, you can add intros and outros if you wish to.

  10. Flashback Express

    Flashback express logo

    You can use either the free or pro version of the Flashback Express. With its free screen recorder version, you get the following features:

    • Record any part of your screen
    • Record narrations using your mic
    • Record audio from your computer
    • Add webcam overlay
    • No watermarks
    • MP4 video output

    Now, with the Pro version, you get advanced features. You can edit, annotate, and add effects to your recordings. Plus, you can save your video outputs as a GIF and standalone EXE.

  11. ShareX

    ShareX Logo

    ShareX is a Windows app for capturing screen recordings. With this software, you can customize which area of the screen you wish to record. ShareX also has several editing capabilities. It allows post-recording edits such as adding watermarks or adding annotations.

    The unique feature of ShareX is its utilization of hotkeys. You can configure these hotkeys to streamline your video-capturing process making it more efficient and more intuitive in the long run.

  12. Apowersoft

    apowersoft logo

    Are you looking for free screen recording software with unlimited recording time? If so, you’ll surely appreciate Apowersoft. Like the other video capture software, the free version enables you to create screencasts. However, with Apowersoft, you can directly save your recordings to a local disc or a cloud.

    Moreover, you can get its Pro version for additional features such as a real-time screencasts editor and a post-recording professional video editor. This built-in video editor makes the entire content creation process faster and easier. The pro version also allows you to schedule when you want to record your screen.

  13. Streamlabs OBS

    image 2

    While most people think of Streamlabs as one of the best streaming programs (because it is), you can also use it to make screen recordings. Streamlabs is a highly versatile software designed to run on a lower CPU to ensure that it can be run while streaming. It has also been designed to showcase gaming, making it the perfect software to keep up with all your high-end gameplays.

    Another bonus to using Streamlabs as your video recording software is that you will be one step closer to learning how to stream on Twitch if you decide to take the plunge into going live. To record with Streamlabs, you must press the REC button instead of the “Go Live” button.

    Streamlabs also allows you to include video overlays, webcam view, and other elements that will allow you to create great tutorials or show off your reactions when you land a great score.

  14. Dxtory

    Dxtory logo

    Dxtory is a basic video recording software that doesn’t require a lot of processing. While the UI is simple enough, there is a learning curve for users who want to get the most out of the software. Fortunately, several online tutorials and videos can help you along the way.

    Dxtory shines when it comes to audio recording, as it can record several sounds simultaneously that can be separately edited later. This way, you can record your gameplay while talking to your mates on Discord, then view the footage back later, cutting one or the other audio tracks out. This makes video editing a breeze and gives you a lot of options.

  15. Bandicam

    Bandicam logo

    The Bandicam screen recorder gives you several resolution options for recording your gameplay or other Windows programs. You even have the option of recording 4K resolution. As one of the best screen recording apps, Bandicam can resize the area you want to record, leaving out unnecessary bits and making future edits easier.

    Bandicam has built-in compression features, support for codecs and formats, and can easily run alongside other software without causing it to lag. There is a learning curve for beginners, and as there is a cost for the program, many wait until they have a broader understanding of their needs before they make the purchase.


There you have it! The best video capture apps of today. No matter what your overall goals are when it comes to video recording, there is software that will meet your needs. Look to create a high-quality video feed that will give you more options when it comes to editing for potential YouTube uploads.

Once you have chosen from the list (whether you choose one of the best free screen recorders or pay a bit for extra features), you’ll be able to record videos that will help you build an audience.

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