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Best StreamElements Commands – Elevate Your Stream!

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Adding commands for the StreamElements Bot in your channel can improve the live streaming experience for the streamer and viewers alike. Mod Commands allow you and your moderators to perform actions more easily, whilst chat commands (both default and custom) can raise viewer engagement and contribute to a better community environment in your chat!

StreamElements Mod Commands

Mod Commands are very self-explanatory. They are commands that mods can use to help them moderate the chat. Here are some examples of the most frequently used Mod Commands, and what they do.

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    !permit [name]

    This stops a viewer from getting banned or timed out by the StreamElements Bot for the next 60 seconds. The most common usage of this would be if someone in the chat wanted to send a link relevant to the stream or discussion (such as a clip), the !permit [name] command will allow them to do so without being instantly timed out by the bot. However be careful, and make sure that you trust the people you permit to send links, as you don’t want any malicious links being sent into the chat!

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    !setgame and !settitle

    These commands allow mods to change the game category and the title for the streamer! This comes in useful when the streamer might forget to switch the game, or if they have an old title from a previous stream. Whatever the situation, having mods be able to change the title and game of the stream is very useful.

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    Mods can use this command to add, edit and delete existing chat commands. You as the streamer should think about whether you would like your mods to be able to control which chat commands are available for use before enabling this.

StreamElements Chat Commands

StreamElements allows for the use of default commands, as well as custom commands with their bot. Default commands are already built into the bot, and just require activation, whilst Custom commands can be changed to suit the needs of your stream!

Here is a list of some of the best default commands:

  • !duel and !accept – These commands allow one viewer to interact with another by ‘dueling’ each other in the chat, which is pretty much a coin flip as to who will win, but can still make for some fun moments and ultimately higher viewer engagement!
  • !accountage – When a viewer uses this command in chat, the bot will reply with how old their account is! Quite simple, but can be interesting to know.
  • !emotes – This command allows viewers to see which BTTV and FFZ emotes they can use in the streams chat!
  • !followage – Similarly to !accountage, a viewer can use this command to see how many years, months, days, and hours they have been following your channel for. Viewers seem to like this one as it allows them to compare how long they have been following your channel with other viewers.
  • !points and !leaderboard – The StreamElements bot comes with its own ‘points’ system that can be viewed on the StreamElements leaderboard. Viewers gain points by being in the stream, and can check how many they have with !points, as well as checking who has the most points out of everyone with !leaderboard.
  • !roulette – With this command, viewers can gamble with their points. Sometimes they will win more points, and sometimes they will lose their points. Before enabling this command, consider if it is appropriate for your audience. For example, if your primary audience is children, allowing them to gamble with points may be inappropriate.
  • !commands – This allows viewers to see which commands they have access to in their channel. This is very useful as when viewers use this command, they might discover new commands that they can then go on to use in the chat.

How to Make StreamElement Custom Commands

Before we look at some of the best custom commands to personalize your stream, we will show you how to set up custom commands for your stream.

  1. Step 1

    login to streamelements

    Login to

  2. Step 2

    chat commands bot

    Go down the left side menu and click on ‘Chat commands.’

  3. Step 3

    add new command

    Click on Custom commands, and ‘Add New Command.’

  4. Step 4

    You can then use one of the templates, or make a new one. If you would like to customize the message even further, you can look at the ‘Variables’ tab next to the ‘User Management’ tab, which has all of the in text commands you need. The ‘Command name’ is what viewers will type in the chat to trigger the command, and the ‘Response’ is what the bot will say in the chat!

Best Custom Commands

Here are some of the best custom commands you can use:

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    Media Plug Command

    You can easily make a command to put a link to your Discord, YouTube, Twitter, and any other media that you might be on. For example, you would make the ‘Command name’ !discord, and the response would be a link to your discord channel. This is how it should look: 

    media plug command
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    Lurking Command – (${user} is now lurking)

    Sometimes a viewer just wants to lurk, and there is nothing wrong with that! To let you know that they will be lurking, they can use this custom command to announce that whilst they might not be active in the chat, they will still be keeping an ear out of the stream. Keep in mind that you can fully customize the message and the command name to suit your stream needs! Here is an example:

    lurk command
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    Repeat Command – (!* , response = *, advanced -> Command Keywords)

    A repeat command will repeat something in the chat, even when the viewer doesn’t use a command. For example, some viewers will have it so that the bot says the emote ‘LUL’ when someone in the chat says ‘lol’ or ‘lmao.’ Setting this up is quite simple!

    The command name is not particularly important for this one, as it is not how viewers will activate the command. Firstly, fill in the response box with what you want to bot to say in the chat. Next, click on advanced settings and go down to ‘Command keywords.’ You can then type in words (you can choose multiple) to trigger the bot’s response! You can do many things with this, so have a play around with it!

    command keywords
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    Shoutout Command – (!shoutout Check out ${1} at${channel ${1}}

    A shoutout command allows you to link someone else’s Twitch account in the chat quickly! This is particularly useful if you get raided and want to spread some of the love back towards the person who raided you. Different variants include !shoutout and !so, and the command should look like this:

    shoutout command

    Note how the “User level’ is set to ‘Moderator.’ I would highly recommend setting this to the moderator as you do not want any average viewer being able to shout out another streamer.


Hopefully, you have been able to gain a better understanding of the best StreamElements Mod Commands, Chat Commands, and Custom Commands, and how each command works. Consider which commands would be best for your stream before adding them. Happy Streaming! 

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