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Best Sims 4 Mods

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The Sims 4 offers amazing worlds, state-of-the-art building tools, and endless stories you can create as you play. However, that doesn’t mean the game is not lacking in realism and customization. Fortunately, Custom Content creators came up with solutions to almost every problem the game might present, and you can access it all for free! Learn more about the Best Sims 4 Mods and how they can – literally – change your game!

Best Sims 4 Mods

Mods for Realistic Gameplay

Seasoned simmers know that, while offering many life-imitating mechanics, The Sims 4 has been lacking a little in gameplay. If you focus on storytelling content, you might feel the need for more realistic features that add drama, emotions, and real-life struggles to your game. Check out these Mods for more realistic gameplay and bring back the fun and personality to TS4: 

Slice of Life (by KawaiiStacie)

Sims slice of life
Source: KawaiiStacie

If your Let’s Plays are starting to look all the same, it might be time to add a little drama to your game! Slice of Life is one of the most complete and popular Mods for The Sims, adding over 10 new features to the game. From appearance changes like blushing and acne to day-to-day struggles, like sickness and menstrual cycles, Slice of Life brings realism and depth to your Sims households.

The mod includes 16 new personality types, as well as new emotions such as humiliated, furious, or depressed. Your Sims can become social influencers, be sponsored by brands, and take care of their skin and body through new phone interactions. Note: all mod functionalities can be enabled and disabled as you desire!

Go to KawaiiStacies’s Tumblr page to download this mod.

Education System Bundle (by KawaiiStacie)

sims 4 education bundle
Source: KawaiiStacie

If you miss the private school system from The Sims 2, this collection of Mods by KawaiiStacie are a dream come true to your family-guided gameplay! Entertain your viewers with a whole new set of interactions made to increase the student experience of your Sims. This mod includes four education-themed modules that suit toddler, child and teen sims: 

  • The Preschool mod allows you to enroll your toddler Sims into public or private schools. Eight preschool interactions are added, and each one of them affects the toddlers’ skill-building and needs.
  • The Online schooling mod and the Smarter homework mod allows Sims to attend remote classes and do their homework with their classmates on the computer, which provides both skill-building and relationship points. With online schooling, you can create a “homeschooling” experience for your sims.
  • Better schools mod improves the school experience altogether, adding subjects, skill-building, motives, and new interactions while Sims go to school. Teen Sims now can flirt with classmates, slack off on their phones during class, make enemies, or meet new friends!

You can download this bundle or its parts at KawaiiStacie’s website!

SimRealist Mods

Simrealist mod
Source: SimRealist

SimRealist is a team of modders that have been consistently producing high-quality custom content for The Sims 4. It all started with a banking system for the game, expanding to four existing Mods and numerous others in the works. Each one of SimRealist Mods deserves a whole article about them, but we’ll look at its highlights for now!

  • Mortem: this well-crafted mod introduces to the game the realistic aspects of the death experience. Say goodbye to the Grim Reaper and welcome Medical Examiners, memorial services, burials and cremations. Sims bodies no longer go straight to their urns or tombstones, remaining in the lot until another Sim calls Emergency Services.
  • Organic: if you typically record Let’s Play videos, you’ve probably been changing your Sims appearance once in a while, to give your game a tad of life-likeness. Well, now your Sims will experience the realistic aspect of hair growth and maintenance on their own! This mod creates a hair progression experience that allows your Sims to clean, cut, color or nourish their hair while watching it grow over time. Additionally, a few hidden traits and moods have been added to the game, affecting a Sim’s emotions after taking care of their hair.
  • Private Practice: this mod resembles a lot an expansion pack, as it offers new objects, careers, lots and new mechanics to the game. Your Sims health needs are now expanded, as they can experience blood pressure changes and a more realistic weight gain or loss experience. Your Sims lifestyle choices, moods and traits now affect their energy and longevity, as they would in real life! Your Sims can check their health by making appointments with a doctor or going to a Health Clinic Venue. A Resident and a Health Science career have also been added to the game, carving the path for Sims to run a Private Practice or Veterinarian clinic.
  • SNBank: this mod was designed to provide you better handle on your Sims financials, adding many realistic features to the game. Combining the features from this mod with Rags-to-Riches style gameplay can be so much fun: your Sims can now have individual bank accounts and choose how much of their pay goes to the household funding. They can make transfers, save or withdraw their money from their phones or in a bank lot (now added to the game). A more refined home service and bills system are also added to the game, along with different benefits, such as alimony or child support. 

To learn more about these Mods and download them, go to the SimRealist website.

WickedWhims – Streamer Mode (by TurboDriver)

preferred colors
Source: TurboDriver

If you’ve been playing Sims for a while, chances are you heard about Wicked Whims before. This controversial mod adds some NSFW sexual interactions and animations, which is what it’s the most famous for. What not everyone knows is that Wicked Whims includes a refined attractiveness system, that includes preferred colors, clothing types, hairstyles, body shape and even voice. You can tweak your Sims preferences or randomize them, creating the atmosphere to find a match made in heaven for your played couples.

Things get even more interesting with the addition of the “Impressions” system, which adds personality types to every Sim and an array of new social interactions based on it.  Additionally, you can set gender preferences, making your Sims be attracted to a single gender, both or none. Pregnancy, birth control, and menstrual cycles are also added to this mod, giving the last touch of realism to your game.

This video by Deligracy explores a few of the features from WickedWhims:

If you’re streaming Sims’ content, you should download the Streamer Mode for Wicked Whims, which will remove any R-rated animations from the game, making it safe for every subscriber to watch! To download the mod and learn more about its features, go to the WickedWhims website.

Mods to Improve Playability

This selection of Mods makes playing The Sims a tad easier. They each allow different kinds of controlling and customization to the game, and will help you set up your game exactly the way you want it to be!

UI Cheats Extension (by Weerbesu)

sims4 ui cheats
Source: Patreon

UI Cheats Extension is a must-have if you’re making storytelling content with The Sims. This simple but effective mod allows you to manage and alter stats all over the game without having to type huge commands on the cheat tab. With just a few clicks you can change your Sims’ household money, age, career level, relationship status, and skills.

You can also get instantly rid of annoying moodlets and change their needs as much as you want, additionally to many other similar features. When using UI Cheats, you can perfectly set a scenario for your Sims before starting to record a Let’s Play series, for example. Your Sims will be at the career, relationship, and skills levels you need them to be and it won’t cost you any prepping time! 

You can download UI Cheats Extension on Weerbesu’s Patreon page.

MC Command Center (by DeaderPool)

mc command center
Source: TheGamer

Master Controller Command Center makes it to this list for its incredible complexity and functionality. MCCC is divided into a main mod and additional modules to control things such as career, CAS, pregnancy, Woohoo and clubs.

You can personalize nearly everything in your Sims worlds with this mod, from population diversity to alien abductions, with a highlight spot to the NPC Control module, which allows you to control Sims outside your household. Cool cheat commands are also added to the game, making it possible to force promotions and demotions, change skill levels and prompt abductions. 

This mod is fairly popular among Sims YouTubers and Streamers, as it allows viewing normally hidden information like pregnancy status, and changing time, disasters and progression presets. 

You can check on this “100 baby challenge in 2 hours” video by Plumbella how MCCC was used to raise the number of Sims allowed in a household and to speed up pregnancies:

Check out DeaderPool’s website to download MC Command Center and all its modules.

Cheat Shortcuts (by PlasticBox)

Source: ModTheSims

If you’re looking for a less robust mod to improve playability, Cheat Shortcuts by Plastic Box is a safe choice. Have you been caught typing cheats over and over again before getting them right on the cheat tab? This simple and discrete mod provides you with the ability to find all major cheats quickly and easily, saving you time and embarrassment during your Streams.

When using Cheat Shortcuts, typing “shortcuts” in the cheat box will prompt a series of shortcuts for every main cheat on the game. With a single letter, you can activate the hidden objects and unlock career-locked items, without having to remember and type the giant code for each cheat. All shortcuts can be simply modified as well, so you can personalize them to fit you the best.

To download Cheat Shortcuts, head to this link.

Mods to Improve Build Mode

It’s no secret that Build Mode is the most appealing aspect of The Sims 4. What other games in the franchise offered in drama and storytelling, the new Build and Buy mode offers possibilities to create and design incredible builds. Nonetheless, these next few Mods take Build mode to the next level, expanding the building engines to achieve architectural masterpieces!

T.O.O.L. Mod (by TwistedMexi)

sims 4 TOOL
Source: YouTube

Although T.O.O.L. stands for Take Objects of Lots, the T.O.O.L. mod offers much more than that: from rotating objects to building in the world around lots! If you create building content in The Sims, this mod is your next step into creating masterpieces! Along with the new mechanics this pack carries, you can pull objects up and down with more precision (as opposed to the limited heights included in the game), twist them in all directions, select, move and copy multiple items at once, and more!

While the more advanced mechanics you use, the harder it is to deal with the mod, the “Take Objects of Lots” functionality is also pretty cool, as it allows you to edit the surroundings of your houses, which is not possible in the game.

Here, you can see how Sati Sim uses T.O.O.L. to build a Medieval Fantasyland: 

On TwistedMexi’s website you can find this and some other amazing building Mods that’ll make your life easier!

The Red Shelf (by PictureAmoebe)

red shelf
Source: SimsCommunity

The Red Shelf Mod is another staple in a Sims’ builder library! Placing objects on shelves is typically hard on The Sims 4. From too few snapping spots to objects that don’t fit the shelf grid or just float in mid-air, it’s almost impossible to make cabinets and decorative tables look organic and realistic.

Luckily, this tiny piece of CC takes the hard away from placing clutter objects, as it comes with many snapping spots to drag objects to the right place, as well as an invisible swatch. Learning how to use it is easy and quick, and building realistic, cluttered spaces will be your new favorite thing!

You can check a tutorial for The Red Shelf here and download it here.  

Better BuildBuy Mod (by TwistedMexi)

This Mod by TwistedMexi completely revolutionizes the Build and Buy mode! With the addition of the first-person camera (typically available only on the live mode by pressing “Tab”), you can now take amazing pictures of your builds without having to move a family to your lot.

Additionally, the Debug catalog is all organized, named, and filtered. You can expand the build menu by a few squares and search for anything you might want without even typing in the building cheats. Not only that, but you can now clone and delete all debug items, saving you a lot of time while filming!

I have used it when filming my own videos for my YouTube channel:

Check it out here!

No Weather BuildBuy (by TwistedMexi)

noweather buildby
Source: SimsVIP

No Weather BuildBuy (by TwistedMexi)

The last mod on this list is also by TwistedMexi: this mod removes snowfall, rainfall, and ground cover when building, and hides all puddles and snowdrifts from the lot. Building in wintertime can be tricky and you can’t always see everything you’re doing, as roofs, porches, and terrain paint are usually covered in snow and puddles. Now, you have clear visibility and unrestricted placement on your lot, no matter the season! PS.: the weather reverts to normal as soon as you leave Build and Buy, so your gameplay stays untouched!

You can find a download link for this mod here.

Final Thoughts

The Mods on this list are well crafted, tested and functional selections, which you can mix and match according to what you want in your game. However, if you want something more specific, there are thousands of Mods available for download, for free, just a few clicks away! When you’re browsing for Mods, keep a few things in mind:

  • Gameplay Mods tend to break with each game update, needing fixing every time you download a new expansion pack. Give preference to downloading content from modders that update their Mods regularly and offer a good troubleshooting experience.
  • Be safe and avoid suspicious websites and files: poor quality content can break your game and possibly bring malware to your computer.
  • Consider supporting your favorite modders or giving them shoutouts when streaming or filming content with their content. Modders that produce high-quality content often have Patreon or ko-fi accounts, so you can help fund their projects with any amount you can! 

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