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Best Gaming Subscription Boxes

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Gaming subscription boxes are a fun way to celebrate your love for gaming throughout the year. Depending on your subscription, you may be able to get new apparel, toys, or new games monthly. 

Subscription Boxes Ranking Process

We chose the following boxes by narrowing down the following fields. 

  • Exclusive gaming – while other lists include gaming and geeks together, we wanted a separate list that focused exclusively on boxes celebrating the gaming community.
  • Ratings and reviews – we sorted through dozens of reviews of past boxes to see which ones really stand out and shine. 
  • Price point – while not every subscription box is created equally, some may seem more inflated than others. 

Top 5 Gaming Subscription Boxes

  1. Air Drop Crates
  2. Retro Game Treasure
  3. Loot Crate Gaming Boxes
  4. Mario’s Mystery Block
  5. Mine Chest

Air Drop Crates

Air Drop Crates is a monthly subscription box that comes with items that celebrate popular games. The items will vary month-to-month and you won’t know what you’ll get until you open the box. Items in the past have included coffee mugs, figurines, office supplies, books, wallets, and even a gaming keyboard. 

You can often find discount codes online or enter into giveaways if you want to give this crate a try. While reviews vary as they do with everything, most reviews for this box were positive and optimistic. 

Mario’s Mystery Block 

The Mario’S Mystery Box is a subscription box that celebrates the world of Nintendo. With each box, you will receive apparel, toys, notebooks, and many other items. You will typically receive between 4-6 items per month with items that vary in value. 

This box is the perfect gift for your friends who love Nintendo and want to get fun tokens throughout the year. Many items can be worn or used throughout day-to-day life. 

Retro Game Treasure 

The Retro Game Treasure box will send you between 3-5 original retro games. While you have no guarantee on what they will send you and boxes will vary, you can put in your preferences and likes to narrow down the genres they will send you. You will be sent games on a variety of consoles, allowing you to experience the nostalgia of getting a new game for an older console. 

Loot Crate Gaming Boxes 

Loot Crate has a few different subscription boxes that celebrate the world of gaming. Depending on the subscription box you choose, you will receive a crate monthly or bimonthly. Their main gaming box costs just shy of $30 per month and they promise to put items valuing at least $60 inside. 

In the past, they have sent out items such as t-shirts, small figurines, stickers, bottle openers, and other usable items that celebrate gaming. While each box is different and the quality of the items vary, people who have used the service for years have lamented that they see a downwards trend and that items have occasionally been sent out in more than one monthly box. 

That being said, in addition to Loot Crate’s Gaming box, they also have boxes celebrating the Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Their Equip Gaming box will send gear and new titles to your home bi-monthly. The platform periodically does giveaways for free crates, so check them out!

Adventure Chest T-Shirt Club

Adventure Chest used to have a subscription box that celebrated the world on Minecraft. While they no longer offer that loot on their site, you can still sign up for their T-shirt club. For $20 per month, you will be sent a t-shirt and a mystery item once per month. These t-shirts will include original art based on the Minecraft game.

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