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Best Gaming Desks For Streamers

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Both gamers and streamers spend long hours at their desks. In particular, streamers need more space for monitors, lighting equipment, and cameras. Couple that with the amount of space you need for your keyboard and mouse so that you can still stay competitive can become tricky on many smaller desks.

This post will go over our list of the best desks that would work for gamers and streamers and a few things you should consider.

A Quick Peek of the Best Gaming Desks

Secretlab Magnus Pro

Best Overall

secretlab magnus pro
  • Cable management system
  • Well-built standing desk
  • Comes in 2 sizes

GreenForest L-shaped Corner Desk

Most Budget Friendly

GreenForest L-shaped Corner desk
  • L-shaped design
  • Made with durable material
  • Durable

ApexDesk Elite Standing Desk

Best Overall

ApexDesk Elite Electric Standing Desk
  • 4 height presets
  • Extremely customizable
  • Ergonomic design

What to Look for in a Gaming/Streaming Desk

Here are a few things you should look for when investing in a desk for your gaming or streaming setup:

  • expand

    Ample Space

    As mentioned in the intro, gamers and streamers require a lot of space for their setups. Many gamers run two monitors while they game – one for the game and another for guides/communication. Most streamers start with two monitors and move to 3-4 by the time they consider their setups “complete.”

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    You don’t need all the bells and whistles (such as a cup holder) when it comes to desk functionality. In fact, some “functions,” such as in-built tower compartments, can cause airflow restrictions. That being said, if you are using your space for more than one purpose, having a drawer or two to hide your work while you play or keeping spare parts around could be nice.

  • tools


    If you have the space for it, setting up an L-shaped desk is great for streaming because it offers many options. You can showcase merch or other items on one part of the desk or keep your set up in the bend and use the extra space to set up lighting and camera equipment. It also gives you a lot of extra space for non-stream-related activities. That being said, you should note that a corner desk gives you less space for your gaming experience.

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    While your gaming chair will also play a large part in this, you should ensure that you have a comfortable desk and the right size. You can use a desk height calculator to help you find your desk height.

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    You need to ensure that your desk is high enough to manage the weight of all your equipment for years to come.

Best Desks for Gaming or Streaming

Now that you know a little about what you should look for in a desk, we will show you several desks that we love broken into two different categories:

We will also show the ultimate gaming desk that encompasses everything anyone could ever need in a desk.

Sit-Down Gaming Desks

When looking at sit-down desks, you want to find something that has a lot of room where you can also sit comfortably throughout your gaming session. Here are our top three picks for traditional gaming desks this year:

Arozzi Arena

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


  • Full surface mouse pad
  • 63″ tabletop
  • Three provisions for cable management
  • Monitor attachment
  • check Premium build material
  • check Water-resistant and washable
  • check Adjustable table height
  • check Large desk space
  • check Built-in cable management
  • close Not the easiest to assemble
  • close Adjustable height knobs can be stiff and difficult to use

If you are one of those gamers with the XL mousepads and still don’t have enough movement space, then the Arozzi Arena gaming desk is for you. It features a full-desk mousepad that sits atop the desk. It has a microfiber, water-resistant surface and comes in multiple colors and designs.

The desk itself is strong, holding up to 176 lbs as long as everything is evenly distributed. There are three holes where you can insert cords that can be held in netting under the desk to keep everything looking neat and tidy. It can easily hold three monitors and the equipment you need to stream or game.

The ApexDesk Elite standing desk is one of the highest-rated desks on this list. It comes with an ergonomic cutout that will help keep you comfortable and give your room a classy look regardless of where the future takes you. The lift in the desk moves from 29″ to 49″ tall, giving you a lot of options about how it will fit your body.

The desk is strong and sturdy and can hold up to 225 pounds. It is 63″ long, allowing you to hold a lot of equipment so you can see clearly. This may be the perfect desk for you if you have several monitors or a lot of streaming gear that needs to sit on your desk.

Vitresse t-shaped esport gaming table

Vitesse T-shaped Esport Gaming Desk


  • 63-inch tabletop
  • 29.5-inch table height
  • Maximum weight capacity of 260 lbs
  • Multi-functional components
  • check Supports a maximum load of 260 pounds
  • check Gaming rack
  • check Cup holder
  • check Headphone hook
  • check Stylish and sturdy
  • check Cable management
  • close Assembly instructions can be confusing

The Vitesse T-shaped gaming desk is jam-packed with gaming accessories. It includes features like a headphone hook, cupholder, and controller rack. Apart from that, the 63-inch tabletop can carry multiple monitors without sacrificing space for other gaming equipment.

This gaming desk has a built-in charging port that allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It even comes with a full mouse pad that’s perfect for gaming. This T-shaped table is one of the best gaming desks on the market. It’s a popular choice for many because of its many features, great build quality, and affordability.

Mr Ironside l-shaped gaming desk

Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk


  • 50.8-inch table top
  • 31-inch table height
  • Monitor shelf
  • Supports a maximum weight of 100 lbs
  • check Resistant to water and scratches
  • check Great value for its price
  • check Easy to assemble
  • check Minimalist design
  • close Lacks adjustability options

An L-shaped gaming desk is also a popular option in the gaming community. The Mr. IRONSTONE L-shaped gaming desk is a high-quality table at a reasonable price. This is a cheaper desk compared to the others on this list.

This desk comes with a metal frame which provides stability and style. The desk offers ample room for multiple monitors, a keyboard, and other accessories as well. This desk has a monitor shelf on one side to help elevate your screen to an optimal and ergonomic height.

GreenForest L shaped corner desk

GreenForest L-shaped Corner Desk


  • 58.1-inch table top
  • Reversible panels
  • Laminated wood desktop
  • Steel frame
  • check Modern design
  • check Option to expand desk space
  • check The desktop is scratch and moisture resistant
  • close Assembly instructions can be confusing

The GreenForest corner desk is similar to the Mr. IRONSTONE gaming desk. It’s a reversible L-shaped table, so you can decide which side you want to place the extra desk space.

This table has a sleek and modern design that’s perfect for people who are aiming for that minimalistic gaming setup. With the L-shaped desk, you have enough space for your gaming setup. In addition, the tabletop is water and scratch-resistant. So you won’t have to worry much about placing things on top of it.

Walker Edison Soreno

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk


  • 51-inch tabletop
  • 6-mm tempered glass desktop
  • CPU stand
  • Sliding keyboard tray
  • check Sleek and simple design
  • check Dedicated space for your keyboard and CPU
  • check Sufficient leg room
  • check Easy to assemble
  • close No cable management
  • close The glass top is prone to fingerprints

The Walker Edison Soreno is a beautifully made L-shaped gaming desk with various features. This table has a CPU holder and a sliding keyboard tray.

What’s more, the entire desk surface is made of tempered glass, which adds to its overall aesthetics. The Soreno has a steel frame that’s easy to assemble. If you’re a minimalist, this is a great gaming desk for you.

Eureka Z1S Gaming Desk

Eureka Z1S Gaming Desk


  • 44-inch desktop
  • RGB lighting
  • Multi-functional components
  • Carbon fiber texture table top
  • Maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • check Cup holder
  • check Headphone hook
  • check Controller stand
  • check Comes with its own custom mouse pad
  • check Provisions for cable management
  • close Not the most ergonomic gaming desk

The Eureka Z1S is one of the best-looking gaming desks today. It has RBG lighting that enhances your gaming space. Furthermore, it has a carbon fiber texture for its desktop, making it look amazing.

In addition, its Z-leg design makes it a sturdy desk for gamers and streamers. This desk was specifically designed for Esports training. The balancing lever of this gaming desk reinforces the table for maximum stability.

Eureka also includes its very own mouse pad that’s made with the utmost care and attention to detail. You also won’t have a problem with wires since this desk comes with cable management grommets.

And have I mentioned the cupholder, headphone hook, and controller stand? This is truly one of the best gaming desks, so it’s worth checking it out.

Ikea utespelare



  • 63.5-inch tabletop
  • 27 to a 30-inch leg height
  • Metal mesh section
  • Can support up to 100lbs
  • check Adjustable table legs (6 different heights)
  • check Deep tabletop
  • check Quality build material
  • check Provisions for cable management
  • close No additional accessories

The Ikea UTESPELARE is a metal desk that offers a clean and functional design. You have a desktop space of 63.5 inches which is more than enough for all of your gaming equipment. This Ikea desk also has a metal mesh section at the back that helps manage air flow to your devices.

This gaming desk achieves its clean design by having a dedicated cable management system below the tabletop. This system does not take up much space, so you still have sufficient legroom.

Standing Desks for Gamers and Streamers

Funny as it sounds, sitting at a desk for several hours at a time can be exhausting in and of itself. Using a standing desk (or an adjustable desk where you can both sit and stand) allows you to move a little more than you normally would. Several studies on the benefits of using a standing desk have yielded positive results. 

Here are three standing desks for gamers that could be used for Twitch streaming:

FlexiSpot EC1 Standing Desk

FlexiSpot EC1 Standing Desk


  • 55-inch tabletop options
  • 1-inch thickness
  • Height range: 28 to 47.6 inches
  • Supports up to 154 lbs
  • check Affordable
  • check Motorized standing desk
  • check Operates silently during height adjustment
  • close The electric motor doesn’t have a casing
  • close Lacks cable management

The FlexiSpot EC1 is a great standing desk choice for most people. It has a workable desk space of 55 inches and a height range of 28 to 47.6 inches. These specifications are more than enough for most gamers.

This is a motorized standing desk. The motor operates silently, which minimizes distractions and annoyances. This is a good gaming desk for beginners and professionals alike.

Apex Desk Elite

ApexDesk Elite Electric Standing Desk


  • 60-inch tabletop
  • Maximum weight capacity of 235 lbs
  • Height range: 29 to 49 inches
  • check 4 height presets
  • check Spacious desk space
  • check Customizable tabletop and frame colors
  • close The motor can be noisy to some

The ApexDesk Elite is a premium standing desk. It has an ergonomic design which helps reduce pains and sores while gaming. Because of this, the desk is perfect for long gaming sessions.

In addition, it has a 1.5-inch per second lifting power. You also have 4 programmable height presets that’ll make it easier to switch from sitting to standing positions. You won’t regret getting this as your new desk.

Eureka EGD S62 Standing Desk

Eureka EGD S62 Standing Desk


  • 62-inch tabletop
  • Height Range: 29.9 to 48.4 inches
  • Programmable height presets
  • Multi-functional components
  • Maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • check 4 height presets
  • check RGB lighting
  • check Has a cable management system
  • check Cupholder
  • check Headphone hook
  • check Controller stand
  • close Heavy
  • close Not easy to assemble

Your gaming rig will surely fit on the EGD S62 standing desk. It has a 62-inch desktop that is perfect for all of your gaming essentials. In addition, it has a cupholder, a headphone hook, and a controller stand.

You also get RBG lighting with the S62 standing desk. The table has a maximum height of 48.4 inches, and its control panel allows for 4 height presets.

The frame of this desk is durable and resistant to rust. Eureka offers a full-surface mouse pad for the EGD S62. You’ve got nothing to worry about with this desk. It’s a great choice for all gamers and streamers.

The Ultimate Gaming Desk for Streamers

Here it is! The best of the best. Learn more about the many features of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming desk.

secretlab magnus pro

Secretlab Magnus Pro


  • 60-inch tabletop
  • Steel frame
  • Programmable height presets
  • Cable management system
  • Supports up to 265 lbs
  • Height range: 25.5 to 49 inches
  • Power supply column
  • check Beautiful, functional, and modern design
  • check Durable and premium build material
  • check Available in a bigger size
  • check 3 height presets
  • check Several desk mat options
  • check Optional add-ons (accessories and cable management systems)
  • close Other accessories and cable management components are sold separately

Secretlab’s Magnus Pro comes in Large (60″) or Extra Large (70″). It’s a standing desk with 3 programmable presets. This desk is made with quality material and has been engineered to carry up to 265 lbs.

Apart from those basic specs, the Magnus Pro has one of the best cable management systems for gaming desks. It has a dedicated cable management tray to store your extension cords and cables.

This desk is also customizable. Secretlab offers a variety of desk mat options. You can choose one that best suits your style and gaming setup. Lastly, Secretlab offers a ton of add-ons for accessories and cable management. This way, you can build the best gaming space for your wants and needs.

Where to Find Cheap Gaming Desks

If you can’t afford to purchase new, you can always look at Craigslist or Facebook Marketplaces in your area. Check out thrift shops or garage sales as well. Most of the time, you’ll find something that would work while you save up for your personal dream desk.


Whether you choose a desk where you sit or find one that adjusts to a standing desk, choose one that will work for your needs for years to come. With a standing desk, you can also get accessories that help you keep your legs less tired while you are on them, such as a balance board.

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