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11 Ways to Become a Better Console Streamer

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If you broadcast directly from your Xbox or Playstation, there are a few things you can do to improve the quality of your streams and attract new viewers to your channel.

While you won’t have access to many of the same features desktop users have, with a few changes, you can produce a better show than many other console competitors. 

This article will detail 11 ways to become a better console streamer. 

How to Be a Good Console Streamer

  1. 1. Fill Out Your Gamer Profile on Your Console and On Twitch 

    If you play multiplayer games on your Xbox or Playstation, make sure that you fill out your gamer profile on your console. Many people that you play with or against will often check your bio. If they see that you are a streamer, they may come to check out your stream, especially if they enjoyed playing with you. 

    On your Twitch (or whichever platform you use) account, add your console’s gamer ID so that your viewers can easily add you to play with you. You can also set up your chatbot to periodically post it in the chat or post it on command. Have a detailed Twitch Profile to help your viewers know as much about your stream as possible. 

    To ensure that you fill your community with people you enjoy, treat other gamers with respect and courtesy. If you are toxic to people while you play, they may come to troll your channel

  2. 2. Turn On Your Game’s Subtitles

    Give yourself an advantage by turning on your game’s subtitles, especially if the game follows a storyline. It will help your viewers follow along on the game while you keep them entertained with your commentary.

  3. 3. Adjust Your Console Settings for Streaming

    Go through the streaming settings on your console and adjust them to broadcast at as high quality as your internet connection will allow without issues. These simple adjustments can maximize the output and give your viewers a better show.

  4. 4. Hardwired Internet Connection

    Run a cable from your router to your console to establish a hardwired Internet connection. Wired Internet allows you to stream at a higher rate without having to worry about buffering, dropped frames, or poor audio.

  5. 5. Play With Viewers on Stream

    Playing with viewers is a great way to grow your community and improve your entertainment value. Make sure that you have rules set in place for who can play with you and if they are allowed to speak in chat. Don’t be afraid to mute people who are annoying or have bad audio quality. You want to keep both the audio and video quality of your stream top-notch. 

  6. 6. Use a Good Headset in a Quiet Place

    Upgrade the standard headset that came with your console to one that has surround sound and a good microphone. The surround sound will help you be a better gamer as you will be able to hear what is happening around you. The microphone will create a better experience for your viewers. Your audio is one of the most important aspects of your stream. If you have no audio or a bad mic, many people will leave your stream and find someone else to watch. 

  7. 7. Charge Your Equipment Before Your Stream

    Make sure to charge your headset and your controllers in advance so that the batteries last throughout the stream. Alternatively, invest in long cables so that you can stay plugged into the console. Plugging in can often improve latency issues as well. 

  8. 8. Setup a Proper Webcam Closer to Your Face 

    Inbuilt webcams are generally of lower quality and you have to sit quite close in order for you to fill most of the frame. Invest in a better webcam and connect it with cables to sit closer to your face and body. Use proper lighting and a tripod to give your viewers a better picture. 

    Clean up the area around you to reduce clutter on the screen with may distract your viewers from your content.

  9. 9. Set Up a Chatbot to Alert You of Subscriptions and Donations

    While you can’t create stream alerts if you are only using a console, you can add a chatbot to let you know when people interact with your channel. Make sure to continually thank people for following and supporting you. 

    Recently, we heard of a streamer who raided a smaller channel with 150 viewers. The person didn’t even realize they were in the channel, so everyone left within 5 minutes. Make sure that you can see what is going on and that you acknowledge new viewers. 

    You can also use your chatbot to let people interact with your stream through commands or timers. They can put themselves into a queue to play with you or find out information about your broadcast.  

  10. 10. Add Your Console to Your Title

    When titling your stream, put your console at the front of the title (in brackets). This will help people who use the same console find you quickly and you won’t have to continually answer people who ask if you are playing with your Xbox or PS4. 

  11. 11. Connect to a PC

    When you can afford it, purchase a capture card so that you can connect your console to a PC. Streaming through a PC will allow you to have stream alerts, overlays, and other features that will give your overall quality a step up from the competition.

About the Author


Chris is a marketing major with a strong background in small business and influencer branding. He applies his knowledge of content and promotional strategies to design actionable advice for new and intermediate streamers. When he’s not busy crunching analytics, he can be found in the salt pits of League of Legends.

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