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10 Best Twitch Fails

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It can be a lot of pressure being a streamer and doing the right things all the time, sometimes mistakes just happen. The great thing about Twitch is they have these things called ‘clips’, making it super easy for us to rewatch those silly mistakes and epic fails all over again!

Top Twitch Fails

  1. xQcOW Gets Banned

    During Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, xQcOW was rubbing his victory in a competitor’s face who didn’t take too kindly to the comments. Once the match was complete, the streamer received a notification that the game session could not be found – he responded to this simply with ‘I’m banned’ and closed the game!

    It turns out xQc might have got lucky this time, the session had just timed out due to issues with the lobby he was in. I guess at least he accepted the consequences for actions, right?

  2. sodapoppin Gets a Haircut

    You’d think that a millionaire streamer would have a stylist for the stars… That’s just not the case for sodapoppin! In this clip, he had a friend cut his hair who might not have been as experienced as he might have thought.

    Don’t worry guys, it turned out looking pretty good in the end (much to Chance’s relief no doubt).

  3. sarahgeee Takes a Sh*t

    We all know how easy it is to get your words muddled up sometimes, it can be a little worse if you’ve had one or two too many drinks as sarahgeee soon found out! I think she was trying to ask if she should take a shot, but her tongue got in a twist, and asked if she should take a poop instead… Not on stream Sarah, please.

  4. Pokimane Got Jacked

    Not only is it hard to get your words right, sometimes even if you are saying the right thing it can be taken way out of context. Pokimane was joined by Mizkif to review her unban requests when Mizkif decided to give a funny example of an unban request. Poki, bless her, tried to join in and concluded with ‘Got a dog, Got jacked’.

    Mizkif quickly picked up on this and switched to her chatting scene so we could all see her hilarious embarrassment, in full screen. Well put though, Pokimane!

  5. TimTheTatman Breaks His Graphics Card

    TimTheTatman was among many streamers lucky enough to test New World in closed beta. Without realizing there was an issue with the game absolutely destroying the card he was using, The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, Tim launched the game and got as far as the loading screen before his GPU completely broke.

    Tim was able to carry on streaming, thanks to his two pc setup, but did however have to replace the broken GPU. This issue reportedly happened to a lot of other New World players with this same card, unfortunately, some might not have been able to replace their cards as easily as Tim. Sorry for your loss guys!

  6. loltyler1 Dating a Furry

    If you have spent more than 5 minutes watching Twitch fails on YouTube or even threads on Reddit, you without a doubt would have stumbled across loltyler1. This time Tyler wasn’t really making a fool of himself or shouting about something, but his reaction to his girlfriend’s new get-up was absolutely priceless!

    It turns out I was wrong. Tyler did shout right after this clip when Macaiyla decided she would twerk and wag her tail for all his viewers. He quickly turned off his camera and prayed she didn’t buy this outfit herself.

  7. Dexbonus is not so good at makeup

    Setting up the stream can take quite some time. You might even need to sacrifice one of your normal routines in order to start on time, say for example maybe your makeup… Well, that’s exactly what Dodger had done in this particular stream but even that didn’t go quite to plan!

    Whilst trying to do her ‘cat eyes’ style eyeliner, Dodger might have used a little too much making her look less like a cat and more like a panda. It did make for a funny moment with her and her community though.

  8. N0VAMIC Uses Dog Shampoo To Wash His Beard

    This is possibly one of my favorite Twitch clips ever! A friend of mine, and fellow partner on Twitch, had challenged his community with a goal to dye his beard, which was achieved rather quickly. N0VAMIC was told to use ‘purple shampoo’ to lighten his beard before adding pink and purple to it, so he did.

    As it turns out dog shampoo is sold in various colors, including but not limited to purple. The dead giveaway that this wasn’t for humans was, of course, the gorgeous pair of pups on the front of the bottle. Forget reading the label, maybe just even glimpse at it next time N0VA!

  9. ludwig’s OBS Crashes During Gameplay

    Whilst narrating an epic of battleships tournament on Ludwig’s Twitch channel, OBS decided it would crash. Ludwig looked a little stressed, then was surprised to find despite the crash his stream was still on – he decided to ignore the message and click onto another tab.

    Ludwig then went on to stream for another five hours after the crash, so I guess that’s more a fail for OBS? Ludwig 1 – OBS 0!

  10. Simply a Magic Trick Gone Wrong

    Finally, here we have Simply on a dinner date. Throughout the date, stuff couldn’t have gone wrong. Wrong meal, awkward waiters, you name it! At the end of the night and stream, their waiter Troy decided he was going to show them a magic trick – as you would expect this went very very wrong.

    Of course, all of this stream was planned and performed for comedy, but the reactions were real and hilarious. One thing that wasn’t planned was the poor plant pot which was sacrificed during the making of this live stream!

Common Twitch Fails

It really can be hard to not make a mistake whilst you are live. You spend so much time focussing on keeping the vibes positive and the stream entertaining that sometimes something will just happen.

One of the most common fails is, reading out an inappropriate username. This has happened to pretty much every streamer on Twitch. This could be something harmless like ‘MikeOxmaul’, but there are also some more questionable names out there which you should be careful of. Make sure you always read a username in your head before you read it out loud, this will hopefully help you avoid any trouble.

Another regular fail you will see on Twitch, rage quits. Video games are stressful. Sometimes it’s a little harder to keep your cool about it too, especially after losing several times in a row. Just make sure for any big rage quits… Turn your camera off, or you might end up in an article like this being painted in a more negative light!

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Arry, also known as ArryBo, is a full time Partnered Twitch streamer from the southeast of England! Video gaming and music are two of the passions he shares on his stream.

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